Aids Orphans Rising – Ethiopia

The Religious Teachers Fillippini work with the children of Ethiopia and other parts of the world to give them an education, enough to eat, good water, and the skills to become healthy and productive adults.

Right now there is a dire need for help.

Ethiopia has been at war since November and before that they had Locusts, then Covid…
now war. These kids never get a break…

The Religious Teachers Filippini have 4 schools in the Tigray Region. Zalambessa… right on the border, received the first hits when the Eritrean soldiers crossed the border. This school needs many repairs, and looters have taken the solar panels that run the well!

Adigrat, in the center of the Tigray Region, is where the St. Lucy School normally has over 1000 children, but has been closed for months with no children having the means for distance learning… There has been no Internet since November. There are many, many orphans that need food and lodging. And again, the looters have taken many things from the school office and convent.

The good news is that all the Sisters are alive and well and hoping to start school soon.

The Goala and Sassi schools were not damaged. Sassi school yard was a place of refuge for more than 250 people as the war was going on.

If you’d like to help, please consider a donation to the Sisters Fillippini, using the Donation button in the right sidebar (or scroll down on phones) to send along whatever you can. It all helps, even the smallest amount. The love it shows the children is like the warm sunshine after a chilling rain storm…

God Bless You and thank you for your generosity.

Child Head Household Going to School