18 Million Orphans in Africa by 2010

Child Head Household Going to School

Don’t get scared but “The worst is yet to come,” warns a report issued by the UN Children’s Fund. By 2010, there will be about 18 million orphans in Africa alone. The majority of these children will be between the ages of 10 and 16 and will be left without critical guidance, protection and support (like food and clothes and water)! The problem is overwhelming; the need is immense, but we can help them.

Three quarters of all CHH are led by girls. Pictured here is a CHH led by an 11 year old girl who is trying to raise her 2 younger sisters, her 2 younger brothers and go to school! There are usually three to eight children per household and these children try to stick together as much as possible.

What’s your opinion? Do these children have a right to support so they can remain in charge of their lives without fear of being split up or sent away?.

Many of you have asked how you might send money instead of socks or flip flops. We thank you for this most kind thought and The Religious Teachers Filippini promise that 100% of your gift will get to the children. Not many organizations can make that promise – and it is tax deductible!

Please make checks payable and mail to:
Religious Teachers Filippini Mission Fund
455 Western Avenue
Morristown, NJ 07960

Great book that gives you a real picture of how these children are living:
Children of AIDS: Africa’s Orphan Crisis by Emma Guest


  1. Anonymous

    Dear Sr. Mary Beth,

    I want to congratutlate you for all you do on behalf of the poor of the world. I hope other people are impressed with your work and will also help support your worthy mission.

    You are truly selfless!

  2. Sr. Mary Beth

    Dear SAT

    Thank you for your kind words and encouragement. Forgive the delay I am finally learning how to use wordpress…

    God bless you.

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