How they are surviving!!

Finding money for food and clothes usually leads the orphans to beg.  Some girls resort to prostitution to raise money.  Fetching water, cooking and cleaning are all tasks that are shared amongst the children.  The children face a violent and uncertain life on the streets, where sex often buys food and rampant sexually transmitted disease leave the orphans themselves at risk of becoming infected with HIV.

The growing phenomenon of Child Headed Households scraping for survival shows the determination of the remnants of families to stay together, living off the kindness of strangers and the scan attention of social workers. Many of them realize shortly after the death of the last parent that they must get up – and make a life for themselves and their siblings.  And it is this area that the children need the most help.  Help them with the talent you have!  What do you do or love that these children could learn and use it to help them survive?  Can you cook — teach them!  Can you sing? Read? Dance? Sew? Whatever gift God gave you share it — before it is too late.