The Children

Cooking for Her FamilyEvery 14 seconds a Child Headed Household is formed. This means that every 14 seconds, a child under 18 is left to take care of his or her younger siblings. Where do they live? How do they survive? How can you help these children to not just cope but to succeed in life?

These are not your usual street kids. A  Child Headed Household (CHH) is a small nuclear unit of a family, trying to keep together, trying to uphold the ideals of society and it traditions.

Children with No Home

Tenaciously striving to stick together, these children are seeking out an existence and going to school at the same time. With support and love they are making a success of their lives, working at their own micro-enterprises and getting an education. The governments of many of these countries are failing these children because they are simply overwhelmed by the numbers.

Smaller non-profit groups are succeeding as they are treating the CHH as a family entity that needs guidance on how to survive. These CHH are the future of Africa. If Africa is to survive and become a strong continent, it will be these children who will do it. Wouldn’t it be great to be able to say you were in on the great turn around of Africa?

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