It’s a Small World!

Sr. Desta

So many small orphans! You’ve got to picture this town. More than a thousand of these little souls have no one else in the world but each other. And more come to town each day. Sr. Desta makes sure they have a place to sleep. See the cement structures in the back? For three dollars a month we can rent one room, and so little brothers and sisters call this one room home! They have a blanket on the floor, paste some pictures on the walls. No bathroom. No need for a clothes closet as they wear their clothes until they fall off! In the morning, Sister goes and collects them and makes sure they get to school. Feeding all of them is the biggest challenge. They survive on so little – sometimes all they eat all day is one roll and a cup of milk. But yet they smile. And as one little boy said to me, it was more than he had before he and his brothers and sisters moved to town!

Have a great St. Patrick’s Day!

God bless you,
Sr. Mary Beth

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