Marshall Ulrich

After Running America

Marshall Ulrich Will Run Across Death Valley … Again!
Fundraising to support “The Real Work of Peace and Justice”

Marshall Ulrich

From September 13 through November 4, 2008, Marshall Ulrich ran 3,063 miles across America from San Francisco to New York City. He ran an average of more than 58 miles—or two marathons plus a 10K—every day, for 52 and-a-half days in a row. That’s the equivalent of 117 marathons in less than 53 days. He broke the record for those over 50 years old (Grand Masters), and broke the record for those over 40 (Masters). He was 57 years old at the time. In 2010 a documentary and book will be coming out about the run.

The thrill of running through Times Square on election day was beyond compare. But, the torture to his body and spirit were also unbelievable. Marshall suffered from plantar fasciitis, then a lateral tear to a tendon, on his right foot. He temporarily dislocated his tibia. He suffered from severe knee, Achilles, and back pain; as well as horrific sleep deprivation. He was almost hit by a car, and was even shot at!

Although Marshall is still recovering from Running America, he will again be running 146 miles from 242 feet below sea level at the Badwater basin to the 14,494-foot summit of Mount Whitney. Why? Because he knows that the suffering he endured during Running America, and the challenges he will face in Death Valley beginning on July 10, 2009, are nothing compared to how others around the world suffer every day. According to the United Nations, in Ethiopia alone 470,000 children are orphaned by AIDS… every year… creating Child Headed Households (CHH): families lead by a child under the age of 18. And, many women, or young girls of these CHHs, lack skills to provide for those they must support.

You can help change the world! One woman, one child, at a time.

Dreams in Action

With support and love these kids are making a success of their lives, working at their own micro-enterprises and getting an education. You can help Marshall support this work—the “real work of peace and justice”—by supporting programs that will empower the women and children in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia.

Marshall Ulrich

Your donation will help complete an elementary school, a women’s center, and a hostel for the orphans in Addis Ababa. The young and most neglected children are taken into the Sister’s hostel, keeping them together as a family. They are given food, clothing, shelter, and schooling. In the morning all of the children come to school to receive nourishment and an education. When the boys get bigger, they will enter the Christian Brothers school in town. The older girls enter a special program where they learn a skill that allows them to provide for their siblings. Graduates will have the skills to allow them to set up their own restaurants or sewing shops; or to become successful in business and technology, or as teachers and nurses. With your help—and the courage and perseverance of the children— they will have a chance to rise above their terrible situation.

Every penny you contribute goes directly to the mission and your gift is tax deductible!

Marshall Ulrich

You can show your generous and sacrificial spirit and give thousands of women and children a chance in life by making a donation today! Please send a check, made out to the Religious Teachers Filippini Mission Fund, to:

Religious Teachers Filippini Mission Fund
Re: Marshall Ulrich
455 Western Avenue
Morristown, NJ 07960


Any donation that you can make will be greatly appreciated!
Thank you, Marshall & Heather Ulrich

About Marshall Ulrich

This will be Marshall’s 16th official Badwater race and 22nd time across Death Valley – both world records. His other crossings include the only 146-mile, unaided, self-contained solo from Badwater to the summit of Mount Whitney; a north to south crossing; and his four-time, consecutive crossing: the 584-mile Badwater Quad. Once Marshall finishes the 135-mile official race again this year, he will continue to the summit of Mount Whitney. All told, his journey will cover 157 miles with about 19,000 feet of elevation gain in temperatures ranging from 120°F to possibly as low as freezing on the summit of Whitney. Marshall is making this journey to raise funds for the orphans from AIDS and women in Ethiopia. Knowing that you have contributed to the Religious Teachers – making a difference in the lives of these women and children – will provide motivation for Marshall to complete his journey. For more information about Marshall, go to Look for an updated version of this site as “dreams in action” coming soon.

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