Nothing Ever Goes Wrong in My World!


Wouldn’t you love to be able to say in 2007 — “Nothing ever goes wrong in my world!”

Peace is what we are all looking for at this time of year. Try to remember some of your most peace filled moments. Mine always come after I have sacrificed to help someone else. And you too, I am sure, whether it has been after hard day’s work, the end of a big project, or even just washing up after a good dinner. You sit and reflect and see that all is good in your world. A very old theologian wrote, “Nothing ever goes wrong in my world!” He goes on to explain nothing can go wrong in his world because God is in charge. It may not look right to him all the time but his faith in the Divine lets him realize that he can just do the best that he can do and then just accept the inevitable.

I am writing to thank you for all you have done for the children this year. The Religious Teachers Filippini have been able to feed, clothe, educate and bring the love of the Lord to thousands of needy children because of your sacrifices. Some of you have made special prayers and sacrifices, others have climbed mountains, run hundreds of miles, designed web pages, given monetary support, and helped in so many ways. God will bless you for this though, at times, it may not look so. My wish for all of you is: May you have the strength to do what is expected of you and a faith strong enough to accept whatever God sends. And in doing this may you receive so much peace that you too can honestly say with that old theologian, “Nothing ever goes wrong in my world.”

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