Going to the Desert for Water

All Saint’s Day– Nov. 1st Jason Lester will attempt to run 306 miles from Las Vegas, through Death Valley, to Mt. Whitney!

Lisa Smith-Batchen was the first woman to ever accomplish this feat; no man has ever done this! That is to run from the lowest point in the US to the highest point in the continental US.  Jason is doing this run to raise money for clean water.

A young child from Siena home that needs clean water.

One of the groups that will benefit from the run will be  the children at Siena Home, an orphanage of the Religious Teachers Filippini in India. Many come to Siena Home for refuge and we need to provide clean water to all who come. Lisa, myself and several others will be with Jason. Follow us on the websites below.

Please pray for Jason and help us as you are able. God bless you. Sr.MB

ps – Here are some sites about the event