Thanksgiving for All

Jesus is My Lord I Have All I Need

“Jesus is my Lord” is boldly displayed above the door post of this one room shanty in Brazil. But look closer, below are the words,”and there is nothing that I want!”

On this Monday after Thanksgiving, I pray you have the same sentiments. Most of us do have all we need!

But sorrow, sadness, and terror, abound in this world. We must be strong in our Faith or as Pope Benedict XVI says, “… without faith, there is no hope and without hope there is not future.” Make sure you pass this Faith on to your children and friends. They need your strength.

This International Day of AIDS awareness, spread the word around about the orphans from this terrible disease. In New Jersey there are over 22,000 such orphans, not to mention the millions world over.

My Thanksgiving prayer is for the children and for all of you who work so hard to help them. God hears your prayers and sees your efforts to reach out to them. Continue to pray for them, only divine intervention can help resolve a problem of such dimensions.

God is listening! Watch the attached video clip, these Brazilian girls are happy and getting their lives back in order, thanks to your goodness to them. Nothing better!

God bless you,
Sr. Mary Beth

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