The End of the Civil War

Two years of civil war have ended in the Tigray Region of Ethiopia. And, as in all wars, those who suffer the most are the children!

When the war began, the Government in Ethiopia told the Filippini Sisters that the 32 orphan girls could not remain with us during the war. They had to go to their families. Sister tried hard to explain to the officials that these orphans had no family, and so there was no other place for them to live. We eventually had to pay local women to care for the orphans. We thank God that they have now all returned safely.

Soon, the hundreds of other orphans living on the street by themselves, along with hundreds of other students, will start school in June.

This is the third war that has destroyed our school in Zalambessa on the border of Eritrea. With the help of benefactors, the parents were able to build it and then rebuild it. But will they want to rebuild it again?

Most of the children walked up to 10 hours for shelter with our Sisters in Adigrat. They are safe now and soon real school will start.





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