Want To Be 7 Years Younger and Help the Orphans From AIDS?

Playground of Sassi

Happy New Year to all! Did you know they are celebrating the year 2000 in Ethiopia! They follow the calendar designed by Julius Caesar so all there are seven years younger!

I was fortunate to have recently been in Ethiopia, and to be a bit younger! Our children in the Tigray Region of Ethiopia are so good and all want an education! Many of the orphans, besides attending school, work at some small job to help raise money to support themselves and their siblings.

Sassi Kids

Our biggest challenge at this moment is providing food for the children on a remote plateau called Sassi. Pictured above, you see that Sassi is much similar to the south rim of the Grand Canyon. Good people have helped us solve their water problems by digging a deep well and putting in cisterns to capture the rain water. But providing enough food for the children and delivering it is the greatest challenge! Most of these children eat once a day. Presently we are able to provide them with a small roll, with luck some fruit and some milk each day. We are working towards providing a hot meal for them.

Do you know what ended hunger in America? The school hot lunch program! Most of the children in Sassi leave home without breakfast and walk many miles on incredibly rocky terrain to get to school. No one can learn on an empty stomach! Please do what you can to help us provide for these children.

And in the news it’s report that the first prediction of 25 million AIDS orphans by 2010 has doubled to 50 million! This is only two years away! Incomprehensible and disgraceful! What can one possibly do to help these children? In my new book AIDS Orphans Rising there are many suggestions of real things you can do to help the children.

Without help from good people this will be the worst disaster this world has ever known.

Thank you and God bless you,

If you would like 100 % of your donation to provide a hot lunch for these children please send your donation to:

Religious Teachers Filippini
Mission Fund
455 Western Ave.
Morristown, NJ 07960

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