What’s in a Name?? CHH… Aids Orphans

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Thanks for the great response for my sock request!!

Since the term Child Headed Household aka CHH might be new to some of you, I’d thought I would speak of that today. Every 14 seconds a Child Headed Household is formed. But what exactly is a Child Headed Household?

In the picture above, you see children who have survived the death of their parents from AIDS. A CHH is brothers and sisters under the age of 18 struggling to stay alive and remain together as a family. Not a new phenomenon to history, but in years previous most CHH came about because the parents had died from war. I won’t bore you with statistics today but last year 43,000 new CHH were formed in Ethiopia! YIKES! ALL THOSE KIDS WITHOUT PARENTS!!

So since you are into feet… these kids could use some flip flops for the summer!!

God bless you all.

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